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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
well with any Euro there is always a not sure 100% if he will....usually your best bet for guys coming over are Czech, Slovaks, Swiss...but latley Russians have been good for coming over too and the odd swedish player here and there but usually I find Finish and Swedish players stay home and play, but if he comes im sure there are GM's contacting his agent or him and seeing what is going on, if he says yes then he will be drafted, but there is never a list of a for sure players coming over usually the GMs of the teams make the calls and find out if there target players are going to come over or not and scouts like me have no clue who is coming over but we see the players and tell the GM who is good but he does the work in finding out, once I tell him who is good it is out of my hands. Even some other teams like Quebec might have known Grigorenko was coming but say Chicoutimi would never have a clue he was.
Ok thank you for the input. The Erie Otters desperately need a goaltender for next season and Dansk or Serebryakov seem to be high end players. I hope he comes over and plays but would the NHL team that drafts him (Dansk) be able to sway him and have him come to North America?

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