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04-13-2012, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by healthyscratch View Post
Go easy now, I'm not saying the Flyers won't get penalized at all!! That's almost impossible for them! I'm just saying there won't be any obvious over the top make up calls for the Pens.

I'm just not a conspiracy theorist when it comes to this stuff.
To be honest, it isn't even a conspiracy theory. The NHL both apologized to the Penguins and effectively suggested that they were wronged not just on the particular call, but that the outcome of the game was affected by that call--after all, the league doesn't issue clarifications / admissions of error very often.

If you don't think that will plant a seed in the minds of tonight's officials--that the Penguins are somehow "owed" something, then you have far more faith in the independent-mindedness of the average referee than I do.

Originally Posted by dats81 View Post
@billmeltzer Tonight's Flyers-Pens officials: refs are Tim Peel and Steve Kozari, linesmen are Brad Lazarowich and Jonny Murray.
I'll count that as win. Lee and St. Laurant would have been an absolutely cluster****.

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