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04-13-2012, 10:04 AM
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Thanks new, I'll try that tonight when benching. I know from the squat it's a matter of visualizing the movement and where the muscles/joints should be, and then it kind of "clicks".

When I was first trying to bench a few months back, I was going up too high and down too low. Limiting that range helped keep the shoulder joint more steady, which cut down on the pain for the most part. That shoulder/joint cue might work well (kind of like pulling the shoulders in on pull ups).

I was going to switch to dumbbells but I really want to stick with the Rippetoe program for the time being, especially since it's bad technique causing it that needs to be fixed anyway.
You're better off sticking with Rippetoe's program than taking advice from random message board posters. Even if someone knows what they're talking about, which they usually don't, there's still very little chance they know as much as Rippetoe about getting someone strong.

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