Thread: Post-Game Talk: Blackhawks @ Coyotes Game 1
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04-13-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BronYrAur View Post
Don't know if I'd totally agree with this. I mean, the guy is huge. If you are going to be looking to the top corner on every shot, then some are going to end up in his chest, and most are going to go high and wide. Yes, if you are all alone then I'd say you gotta start shooting high, but if you can get more bodies to the net, low and off the pads IMO. All goalies make mistakes, the more shots that are on goal, the better chance a soft one gets through. Hawks got 45 shots through, and I'd say the two goals were on potential "mistakes" by Smith. Kane's shot before the Seabs goal seemed to deflect under his arm before going off the post and was probably a save he usually makes with no rebound.
He goes down extremely early, if we have open looks we shouldn't be trying to beat him low. Outside of open looks, the dmen getting the puck on net would be nice. Though, I saw seabrook was credited with like 6-7 sog's which surprised me. Keith and Oduya wouldn't have hit water if they fell out of a boat though.

Also, rebounds are really nice and all, but our net presence is generally so hilariously bad that they get swept away by the defense with little trouble. More consistent net presence is also going to be huge going forward.

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