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11-19-2003, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
that deal wouldn't work from a number of perspectives, not the least of which is $. Besides, Satan simply isn't that good. What did he have last year - 27 goals? He is on pace for similar numbers this year.

Those are second line numbers.
I disagree with your assessment of Satan. He had 26 goals, but 49 assists because he was forced to be the playmaker. Briere got to Buffalo at the deadline. 26 goals was his lowest total in five years. Briere and Drury are on his level. Kotalik, Pyatt, Hecht, Dumont, Afinogenov, and Connolly are all too young to produce on a top line.

Niinimaa isn't a top scoring d-man, at least by his stats. He's right around Numminen, Sydor, Modry, Timonen, Niedermeyer, Rafalski, Poti, Redden, Boyle, and Kaberle. Heck, even Andy Delmore's stats last year were pretty close. But he's not near Blake, Zubov, Lidstrom, Gonchar, or Jovanovski.

I think that you are dropping Satan's value to around Parrish's, where he's really in Elias' neighborhood. I think talent wise they are about equal. Niinimaa's ability plus being a d-man may elevate his worth, but not so high that this deal would be outrageous.

But, agreed, probably out of the question financially.