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04-13-2012, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
My contention was to always leverage Carter at least (Richards was a bit of a surprise) in the manner in which we did ..although I didn't expect it to turn out like such a coup.

The conspiracy theory counter -argument IMO is overblown with respect to denigrating those who reasonably did call for something to get done before we reached that precipice you speak of. There were howls anytime it was even suggested to trade Carter let alone Richards let's be honest here. Having said this, in Richards' case there is no doubt there were extenuating circumstances off the ice that played a part in his departure...
If I'd known we'd get Couturier and he'd be this good off the bat (In addition to Voracek), I would have driven Carter to the airport, jammed him into a plane, and then crash landed that plane in Howson's front yard. I did NOT think we would get that sort of value for him. Because I didn't think we'd get an equivalently skilled player back, I thought we'd be better off keeping him. Well...a few GMs dropped the ball, and we won big.

What will be interesting to me is seeing if Holmgren will continue trading all our picks and prospects to fill needs and if he puts us back in the same spot...requiring another explosion.

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