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04-13-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Clock View Post
The Fusion's a mid-sized, so yes.

I actually love that my current car "only" has a four. It's a bigger four and for day-to-day driving, it's more than enough. Personally, I'm really liking the trend of manufacturers to put turbo fours in cars rather than dropping sixes in.

Ideally I'd love a mid-sized plugin AWD car with a turbo four. Love the plugin concept. If it only handles my commute one way, then that's STILL probably representative of at least a 30% reduction in gasoline requirements over a year. The numbers could really get interesting if they can make plugins cheap enough.
Haven't had or driven many fours. My wife and I may be in the market for a 2013 Fusion when they arrive so we'll have to test out the different powertrains they end up offering.

Originally Posted by oldgoalie View Post
Turbo 4s are getting more and more talked about, and more popular. Plenty of HP available there.

There's a couple of guys on the Camaro forum I frequent that have dropped twin turbos in their 6 cylinder Camaros. I think they rate at right around 500 hp at the crank with that mod.

My plan is to still get an SS next spring. May be one of the last Camaros built with an 8 cylinder??
I've heard the 6th generation is on a smaller, lighter platform, and a 4 cylinder turbo being considered...
Turbo's are good for both efficiency and power but the sound of an eight

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