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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
For all the complaining that gets done that Montreal never buys low, this is a textbook definition of exactly that - they took an asset that was almost completely worthless (Spacek, who most fans wanted to dump to the minors despite common sense, logic, and the CBA which would have kept his cap hit on the books) and turned it into a useful player. Yes, Kaberle is a useful player.

Spacek couldn't even get dumped at the trade deadline for a late round pick.

Kaberle put up 22 points in 43 games for Montreal, a pace to get him above 40 points had he played here the whole season. Only 19 defensemen hit 40 points this year. That's how rare it is to get good production from a defenseman.

Gauthier did this to get a Markov fill-in, getting a good player for literally nothing. He needed to fix the power play and hoped that would be enough to get Montreal back in the playoff race. Unfortunately about a week later he fired Martin and installed Cunneyworth, and all hope was lost. But that shouldn't be on Kaberle.

He actually did fix the power play. Most people choose to ignore that, but the PP was far better with Kaberle than without.

With Kaberle in the Lineup: 26-for-151, 17.2%
Without Kaberle in the Lineup: 17-for-150, 11.3%

But as always, everyone here will focus on the negatives, and point out that since Kaberle is "soft" then there's no place in the league for him. Well, any stiff can crosscheck people in front of the net if that's what you're looking for. Kaberle can do what maybe only 30 others in the league can do - put up a serious number of points from the blue line, not to mention make a decent first pass.

I for one am actually looking forward to a regular power play that features Subban, Markov AND Kaberle on the point. Imagine a new coach having all 3 of those weapons at his disposal. One of those 3 will get to feast on the 2nd unit penalty kill all year.

As for 5-on-5, he's not going to be on the top pairing any more. But he was always "soft" in Toronto, and that didn't exactly prevent him from being their # 1 D for a very long time. Partner him up with Gorges, Emelin, or a mid level UFA on the right side and we're good.

Is he overpaid? Sure. But who isn't? Who are you going to get as a fill-in, even if Kaberle disappeared overnight? Who is going to come in and put up 40+ points from the blue line for less than $4.25 million? What killed this team is injuries and lack of depth. So getting rid of Kaberle, Weber and Diaz, well great, you've just got rid of what little depth we had, and we'd be compeltely dependent on trying to find some decent free agents from a very limited list.

Seems I'll need to repeat this over and over.

With Kaberle in the Lineup: 26-for-151, 17.2%
Without Kaberle in the Lineup: 17-for-150, 11.3%

17.2% would have been good enough for 14th in the league. Not fantastic, but certainly not a disaster.
Best post that got pretty much glossed right over by the masses who can't get past their own nonsense.

I remember when we first got him people were complaining that Kaberle wasn't fighting or throwing checks!

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