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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I guess anything is possible, certainly if I were a GM, I would need to be very desperate to even consider being interested in Kabs. I know he can put some points up and he's a very good passer but with 8.75M left even if the price is next to nothing it's seems unlikely to me that many if any GM's would bite.

Perhaps at the deadline there may be more interest since much of his salary for the year will be paid and we've seen how nuts deadline can get at times.

Well we won 31 of 82 games so it can't be much better. Since JM was fired a week or so after the trade, and we were 13-12-7 under JM and 18-23-9 under the Randy's it's got to be something close to that.

I wouldn't compare this to the Cammy trade though, as Cammy get 7M for the next 2 years, not many teams are willing to take on 7M a year in actual salary.

no we don't

wow, I want some of whatever drugs you are on. 4.25M cap is now considered "very low" and I doubt you will find anyone that thinks this was a great trade. Who cares that boston overpaid for him.

Kabs is due 8.75M over 2 so it's not 4M.
I've mentioned it many times, Marek Zidlicky is the best example, similar contract, style of play, production, defensive play, during the trade deadline, teams will pay a lot for veteran puck moving D-men like Kaberle and Zidlicky.

By next year deadline, if someone like Bealieau is ready to make the jump to the NHL after spending the year in the AHL, Habs management can easily trade Kaberle for a 2nd and possible a decent prospect, like the Wild did with Zidlicky.

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