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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Well I did say right below what you highlighted that he could have some interest at the deadline since we see how nuts the deadline can get at times plus much of his salary for the year will be paid. But I don't think there will be much interest in him in the off season when he's still owed 8.75M, granted like I said you never know what another GM will be willing to do but for me I would be surprised if there was much interest in him this summer unless it's a case were we take back something close in salary.
Sorry, I should have read more careful,

But total agree on the summer vs trade deadline value of players like Kaberle.

That is why I think Rutherford biggest mistake with Kaberle wasn't actually signing Kaberle, but rather trading him too soon. It was reported that Kaberle came into camp in bad shape, and it took him a while to get back in to shape. Had Rutherford waited a bit for Kaberle to pick up his game again, he could have offered him to the Devils and got something around Nick Palmieri and a 2nd round pick instead of getting Spacek.

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