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04-13-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Ok, here’s an idea I just had.

Say you are the new GM, and you have total power, but you believe in the power of crowdsourcing, and you want to harvest this power somewhat, so you ask your IT team to deploy the following service:

It’s basically a web portal where people can vote on various, management-designed questions, as well as send comments on those same questions. There are a few rules though. First, you need an account and maybe a small token fee to get one, as the habs are going to track your votes, and making people pay give then a better inventive to take the exercise seriously and drive away those who don’t. Second, the users are never going to receive any feedback such as vote statistics, etc, as this is incompatible with crownsourced decision making (people can’t influence each other) as well as having other benefits.

Any question can be asked. (“Should player X play with player Y or player Z?” or “Should we try to sign a LD or a LW?”). Of course, the GM can fully disregard any vote and comment; this is just a tool to help him judge his own decisions.

Individual accounts themselves could end up being weighted over the time, without the user knowing it. Management could identify the 10% or so of voters who historically and empirically come up with good insights, and give more credence to their votes. Alternatively, morons could have their accounts revoked, or worst, systematically ignored by the system (without the user knowing).
This is an interesting idea. If Geoff decides to hire me as the next GM (I've tracked him down on LinkedIn, so I like my chances), I'm bringing you onto my team.

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