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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
How about something like: teams that are known to have "self-imposed" caps get use up to the maximum their team used the previous season but the league comissioner is in charge of finding out news articles or sources regarding the cap if it's higher or lower than that.

Phoenix shouldn't be spending to the cap, you're right.

Proposition: Instead of one guy as the trade comissioner, we have Hockey Competition Committee, featuring say 3 to 5 GMs. The league commish can't be a part of it either.

They can act as the arbiter over:
any decision that is appealed or argued or has any discrepancy,
NTCs and NMCs and cap abuses [the committee could argue whether a player with a NTC would or wouldn't go to a given team],
kicking players out if they're inactive too often [with the other GMs and the commish],
and so on.

Kinda so we have some strict rules that will enable quick decision making and quick turnaround. The only way this game is successful is if we streamline the heck out of it and not have to wait on ONE person.

Who is doing the simming?
Actually, in this game they should... so should TB, or Florida or any other teams that have a self imposed cap in reality...

the reason is simple, and I'll take my team as an example
- every TB player making over 2.5M (except for Hedman) has a NTC/NMC
- have around 15M to spend on a #1 goalie, pair of top 4 D, 2 or 3 bottom 6 players.
- have no quality prospects (not in the NHL) to use - as a trade bait for example

so, if this game (I'm not paig 800K to run the team, I do this for fun) use the self imposed cap, might as well have the Commissionner run this and a few other team as all we'll do is draft and re-sign our RFA to fill up our roster.

Personnaly, with a self imposed cap-
I do the draft
I re-sign my RFA
and it's over, I'm done.

therefore, no point playing that game, might as well not.

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