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Originally Posted by gg4167 View Post
The Bruins had a chance to change the complexion of the game early on when they had multiple power play chances (one a 4 minute pp, albeit spread out over the 1st and 2nd periiod). Even though they won the cup last year with a mostly abysmal power play, I still think improvement on the unit will go along way towards their chances of repeating. Here are some things I would like to see done differently, wondering what you all think as well:

1A: The Personnel

I would like to see the personnel for the first power play unit to be the following:

Left Point: Seguin (more on that in a second)

Right Point: Chara-Still like his shot more than any other D man on the team, has some decent insticts as far as when to find an open passing lane and attack the net

Left Boards: Bergeron-Great play maker, terrific at protecting the puck, creating space and passing lanes

RIght Boards/net front/corner: Marchand-Think he is one of the more skilled guys on the team and would like to see him get more time on the power play in general

Net front/corner: Lucic- Best on the team at creating a screen in front, quick release on shot and hard to move out of the way

1B: More ice time for #1 Unit

I would like to see the number one power play unit, preferably the one I just mentioned, get the majority of the 2 minutes. Right now, it is pretty much split evenly between the two units, and I think it is more difficult for one unit to get anything going on the man advantage. There are times where one unit is working the puck well, and then they are taken off in favor of the other. Put your best players on the ice and keep them there.

2: Seguin on the Point

I feel like putting Seguin at the point will best use his ability to see the ice, while still making him a threat to shoot the puck, walk down towards the goal, or find the seam and head to the net for a one timer. Right now, because the Bruins generally just work the puck between the man on the half boards and the point, teams are pinning him up against the wall...I think working at the point would give him a bit more space. He basically is able to do what Peverly was doing before he got hurt, just better.

3. Work the Puck Down Low

As mentioned above, their tendency to work the puck the majority of the time between the man on the half boards and the point, and take the majority of their shots from the point, allows teams to section off that part of the ice, not respecting the lower portions of the zone. I feel like whoever that guy is in front of the net needs to release and come down low if the puck is on his side, and they need to use that behind the net area more often. Make the PK unit defend more of the ice and create more space for your playmakers up top.

how about 5 forwards cycling around the the whole area with no particular spot, that way the opposing team can't focus on one particular player.

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