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04-13-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Anybody else take note of how hard McCarthy and Wheels were parading the "Jonathan Papelbon is the best signing in the history of baseball" company line during the ninth inning last night? It was as pathetic as it was annoying. Yeah, we get it, management handed out the biggest contract ever for a reliever so we could get the Red Sox's sloppy seconds as our closer. And, yeah, the signing didn't really excite the fans so much as perplex them, but the Phillies want to shove down our throats that bringing in Papelbon to be the closer is a franchise-changer. Like he is the reason this team will get back to the World Series or something. The reality is the Phillies foolishly paid out the ass for a closer who could very well be used-up (my Red Sox fans friends thought the deal was hilarious), lavishing him with a contract that should've been reserved for a player who could provide offensive firepower to a punchless lineup. Newsflash: Closer was NOT the problem last year, and it certainly should NOT have been first focus of the offseason. I still maintain the Phillies would have been better served surveying the closer market and waiting for a more cost-effective option to surface (my preference was Frank Francisco, who signed for 2 years and $12 million with the Mets).

Anyway, back to the Papelbon love-fest. Guys... you're not fooling anyone. As my close friend and housemate said last night while Papelbon was struggling in the 9th inning before inducing the double play: "Let's just say my Papelboner went limp a long time ago."

Could there have been more of a "meh, whatever" splash signing? Seriously.
I don't think he's washed up, but closers don't deserve that kind of money. Especially since the closer's role has shifted to 9th and only 9th inning pitcher over the last decade or so.

The signing really made no sense though when you consider that our only near major league young talent is all in the bullpen. I would have preferred for them to wait it out as well, and sign someone cheaper. If you're going to go big it should have been on offense, but then you have to look at what the options were, and what our roster flexibility was at the time.

If you didn't think there was anyone out there worth paying a ton of money too that was realistic for our team, then Amaro shouldn't have spent it at all. It's the problem that comes along with being successful, and building a team like this. There's pressure to spend even when you probably shouldn't.

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