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04-13-2012, 04:51 PM
Mike McDermott
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Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
I do truly hate playing the waiting game :/
So for the inquiring minds:

We found out yesterday morning that my wife was getting a promotion and getting her own store. We had to wait until today to find out what store though as not all the people involved knew yet.

Perks to her running her own store:
7.5% raise
She'll work M-F so we'll have weekends off together (for the first time ever)
She won't have to close one to two times a week anymore which means she'll be home every night (this part my son really likes as he hated her not being home when he went to bed)

Only major downside I see is that we'll need to figure out where my son will go during the summer when he isn't in school since she won't have 2 weekdays off and work two nights where we would only need one day of coverage like summers past

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