Thread: Confirmed with Link: Beau Bennett Signed
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04-13-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Clarence Beeks View Post
I'm curious what you're basing this on, other than his decision to leave. I don't think that's the case at all and, in fact, almost all of the evidence points to the contrary. If he was "obviously intent on only spending two years at Denver" he would have made this decision three weeks ago when his season ended. Instead, this decision came well after their season was over and only after Zucker and Shore decided to leave. I think the far better explanation is that they decided that, with the remaining talent on Denver's roster, it would be better for him to develop in WBS, with their talent level, than to remain in Denver, with their remaining talent level. Remember, the only other drafted players on Denver's roster (other than Bennett) going into next year were going to be Nick Shore, Zac Larraza, Paul Phillips, Josiah Didier, Scott Mayfield and Sam Brittain (two forwards, three defensemen and a goaltender). That's not exactly an ideal situation, talent-wise, in which to further develop a high end offensive talent.
I believe he said this himself in his post draft interview. I don't know where to find it anymore but I do remember hearing that as well.

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