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04-13-2012, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobs your uncle View Post
I respectfully disagree. Darryl Sutter planted the seeds of this disaster when he was the GM. But who really knows. It sounds more and more like Ken King and ownership are the real ones pulling the strings and Feaster is pretty much a puppet. Regardless of who is to blame, the Flames are a mess with no apparent plan in place moving forward, or is that backwards.
It pains me to say I agree. The Flames are going to be a world of hurt for a good long time moving forward. They are going to ride Iginla, and probably Kiprusoff, into the ground and get nothing for them. Thos will leave an even larger hole in the organization and make it that much more difficult to dig out of.

Like it or not, but Feaster ****ed up huge down the stretch. He didn't recognize this team was headed no where and made some terrible decisions. He wasted a contract on a piece of crap minor leaguer with no future, prevent him from making no cost deals or imbalanced ones. He chose to stand pat atthe deadline and not turn any of his UFAs into draft picks. This is stupid beyond belief. I don't care whether you only get 7th round picks for those expiring contracts, you make those deals. Those are draft picks you didn't have before and assets that you can use down the road. It was a 7th round draft pick (Holland) that sweetened the deal enough for Montreal to move Cammalleri and Ramo. Don't under estimate the value of draft picks if your scouting is capable. Feaster left a lot on the table and that will hurt the team down the road. The guy was lamenting that we are lacking in 22-27 year olds, but the way he's handling picks we'll have that same problem in four more years thanks to his mismanagement of assets at the deadline.

Look for Feaster and the Flames to make a big offer to Parise this summer and be rebuked. Watch for the same crap start. Watch for Feaster to do nothing with the over-priced vets who do nothing but under-achieve. Look for more of the same and the team being pased by both Edmonton and Colorado in the division next season as their top end youth continues to mature and our "core" moves another step toward retirement. "Fool me once" Feaster will be going for the trifecta come next deadline. Calgary and her fans deserve better.

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