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Originally Posted by XX View Post
No, because that's exactly what I was aiming for. Whomever was responsible for projecting Hanzal's success would probably be THE guy to ask about Hertl. And no, there's no guarantee that in five years people will be raving about him. It's still a total crap-shoot. Drop the shtick.
From the last week of December...
Originally Posted by rt View Post
Tomas Hertl looked fantastic against a very weak Denmark team. If he can look half as good against the Canadian powerhouse tonight, he will be one everyone's radar.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
Hertl was solid defensively and maintained a physical element to his game. No offensive zone chances.

The Czech Republic was badly out coached. They shortened their bench to six forwards right from the start and they played the night before. It took about thirty minutes for them to be totally gassed and completely overwhelmed. That head coach needs to be replaced. That was a coaching loss more than anything. Jiri Fischer looks ready to take over to me.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
I've been really impressed with Tomas Hertl. Offensively, defensively, and physically impressive. Big bodied kid, undeniable skill, great on the back check, likes to mix it up physically and still looks like he's fourteen years old. I doubt he shaves. He's already lighting up the top men's league over in the Czech Republic, and he's still got a lot of time to even further develop.

He's not a fast skater, but he's excellent positionally, which I think is more important.

Reminds me quite a bit of Martin Hanzal.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
I was much more impressed with Tomas Hertl than I was with any draft eligible prospect at the U20s. I am excited for the MemCup where hopefully I can check out a few more players.

Right now, I like Aberg who is tearing up the 2nd best league in the world. I also like Hertl who is doing awesome in the top Czech league and looked fantastic against the elite of his peer group in the WJC.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
Faksa was a total passenger in the WJCs. Very poor showing. I realize it's just one tournament but Hertl looked worlds better. Like Malkin versus Pyatt.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
I didn't see skating as a strength for either kid. It's just one tourny, though. Maybe Faksa had food poisoning, or something. He looked like it.
A little statistical analysis...

Hertl is the number one scorer of players under twenty in the top Czech league. He had 25pts in 38 games. The next closest player had 18 in 47. Dmirtij Jaskin, who was a high 2nd rounder last year and had a lot of first round hype, has had only 12pts in 63 games played in that league.

He's also top ten in players under 25. He's only 18.

This is for historical reference...

Originally Posted by TheBakester66 View Post
This is a fun one, let's run some comparables. Shall we?

Czech (and Czechoslovakian) Extraliga 17 Year Old Records all-time.
There is a mix of career Europeans and career NHLers on this list. I'll just who some highlights. These are guys with more than 20 GP in Czech Extraliga (or Czechoslovkia), ranked by pts/gp.
Name Season GP G A PTS PTS/GP
Ronald Petrovicky 1991-92 46 25 36 61 1.32
Jaromir Jagr 1989-90 51 30 29 59 1.16
Robert Reichel 1988-89 44 23 25 48 1.09
Jiri Hudler 2001-02 46 15 31 46 1.00
Ivan Hlinka 1967-68 32 15 14 29 0.91
David Vyborny 1992-93 52 20 24 44 0.85
Petr Klima 1982-83 44 19 17 36 0.82
Bobby Holik 1988-89 36 15 10 25 0.69
Tomas Hertl 2011-12 38 12 13 25 0.65
Vladimir Ruzicka 1980-81 41 12 13 25 0.61
Pavol Demitra 1992-93 46 10 18 28 0.61
Miroslav Satan 1992-93 38 11 6 17 0.45
Milan Hejduk 1993-94 22 6 3 9 0.41

That's a pretty damn good list of company to be in. Almost all of those guys had NHL seasons at above a pt/gp. Some had long runs of 5 years or more at that level.

Comparables? Try NHL all-star.

I should note that all records from 1992-93 and prior are from the Czechoslovakian Elite League which was more difficult to play in than the strictly Czech league that began in 1993-94. Jiri Hudler is the only somewhat recent comparable.

As far as going to the CHL, I'm fairly split on that. Guys like Alex Radulov have proven that there's nothing wrong with spending one year in the CHL where you still have some space and time to get acquainted with the smaller ice surface, before heading to the AHL or NHL.

Demitra seems like the farest comparable to me, and he spent 4 years in the minors (AHL/IHL) before he was given a real chance at the NHL level. But he was at a pt/gp in the minors as an 18 year old. Extremely impressive. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hertl do the same, except he wouldn't be eligible for the AHL until his 19 year old season. Perhaps one year in the CHL would do him some good.


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