Thread: News Article: Sutter and Flames Part Ways
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04-13-2012, 07:54 PM
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As for no plan in place for the future I advise you to look at the progress of our 2010 and 2011 draft picks. Look up the fact we added a bunch of scouts and an AGM with a very very rich drafting history. The plan is to try and compete for the playoffs while rebuilding through the draft. For anyone that actually pays attention they would know this, but I suppose paying attention to the team that almost every one of the posts in your post history trashes would be too much to ask.
Yeah. Young drama queens cutting their wrists at the fact that the owners didn't trade Kipper and Iggy at the deadline for draft picks, arrogantly thinking they know more than billion dollar businessmen who've been doing this **** for a couple of decades.

It's one thing to differ in opinion, it's another to wallow in self pity about the end of the world, accompanied by moody emo-rock encores with each pathetic post. All while 82 games will continue next year with an equal opportunity to make trades, to draft solid prospects, to inject youth into the line-up, and to surround the next generation with influential stars to pass the torch. But all this adolescent *****ing from the usual personnel makes me wonder, sometimes, if they've ever posted a cheer for this team....

Personally, I think Baertschi could use a Iginla to show him the ropes during his rookie campaign. Personally, I thought Kipper was great at mentoring Irving. But hey, maybe I'm just too old to see the glass how it really is, half empty apparently.

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