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11-19-2003, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike#16
wow, what a comlete nobrainer! go and check the thread! the whole thing started with an article in the nj post by evenson then someone from calgary said a reliable comentator out of calgary mentionned the same. i never ever expressed that this rumor is just a calgary fabrication.
the link ozy posted from foxsports was exactly the same article which was posted a day ago on nj post. i never ever denied that Lou is talking to calgary but he is also talking to the yotes, the ducks, and to the sharks which is his job. he was also quoted by the media that he is willing to part with gomez if the price is right - I REPEAT THIS THAT COMPLETE MORONS LIKE YOU AND YOUR BUDDY OZY GET THE CHANCE TO UNDERSTAND IT - IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

when you talking about professionals in insulting people, i guess you think of you, ozy, ice cream man and the other jerk called sled2300 - actually, this looser has the time to create an avatar insulting me - i assume he is not yet mature enough to go to school or he is just sitting at home jobless or do they have internet access to homes for the disabled in alberta?

Anyway, i know this behavoir from the gomez/conroy thread last year. as soon as someone is mentionning that a calgary player may not have that trade value you guys think he has he gets personally insulted.

so please, get a life loosers!
this is a trade rumor board.

people talk about "rumors".

If you dont agree with the rumor, think its way off or something, then say so.

isn't is spelled l-o-s-e-r?

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