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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
Soft? Moore was known as a tenacious player to play against, a power forward in every sense of the word except size, Graves was the bodyguard for Messier and a good two-way power forward, Stanfield was physical when he needed to be, and Fleming was a premier agitator that didn't back down from anyone. On defense, all 6 of my defensemen have some physical ability.
Every player on our team can be described in that way, save for Bondra. There are only a handful of defenseman drafted that aren't considered to be "tough." Hockey players are tough. As far as hits and effective hits, our team is gonna dominate.

I'm well aware. He's a strong stay at home defenseman that is a tenacious hitter. Is he a strength on the first pairing? Certainly not. He's my 4th best defenseman. But, I like to balance my first and second pairings. If I need to, Goodfellow will shift up to play with Salming, leaving Boivin-Reise to be the 2nd pairing. I'm still not sure that he's worse defensively than Horner.

I'd prefer to have Housley on my 3rd pairing because I think that puts him in the best position to succeed. No pressure for him to play defense, he can play offense all he wants and play a lot of PP. See my comments about Housley above. Do you want him facing Babe Dye or Gordie Howe on a consistent basis? I certainly wouldn't. I'm not going to re-type all of my arguments because my rationale for what I said is already found in this thread. You can read them at your convenience.
Fair enough. I've read your arguments, but I'm not convinced that your top-4 is anything special. Even if you switch up the pairings to have Goodfellow with Salming, that's merely an average top pairing. Boivin-Reise is a weak second pairing. How you have them is probably the best option, to be honest, but I'm not worried about any of our forward lines being fully shut down by any of those pairings.

Why would Housley face them on a consistent basis? He's on the second pairing, not the first (like Boivin) he doesn't play PK, and has a great partner in Conacher. The defensive liability you are describing seems to more accurately fit a description of Steve Duchesne, a player who is our seventh or eight defenseman. Or else Reed Larson. Who I guess you do have on your third pairing, so that shouldn't be too big an issue as long as Ruff gets the matchups he wants.

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