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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Good idea, maybe we should make him a forward or put him in net. He has only been doing the same thing he does with us his entire career and been very successful at it, lets change it around. You obviously know better.

You sound like one of the many who ripped on MAB who turned the powerplay into a killing machine while making close to league minimum because the guy needed a defensive partner who could cover for him.

You want him to have some incredible attitude coming from a nightmare situation in Carolina walking into a disaster zone in habs land? Ya sure thing.

If you couldn't see the change in the powerplay and the fact that if it weren't for Subbans total loss of point shot we would have been much better than that speaks more about you and your lack of hockey knowledge than anything.

Funny how we could have had MAB who plays a similar game (more shot than pass) for a fraction of the price but people ran him out of town aswell.
Never mentioned MAB, don't know why you'd go there. Wasn't thinking of him tbh, considering their different styles of play & we could afford to carry a defensive liability like MAB when we had him.

Never inferred Kaberle should play goal or fight. Odd irrational points there. He was a pick up that was wrong for us at the time & RC paired him with a player whose weaknesses were too similar.

PP was better, did not argue that. Did not contribute to us winning more games or improving in the standings though; and for all Kaberle did well he did equally as many poor things. Again you can argue that he was always being put in a position to lose, considering his skill set; however if you interpret that as a desire to see him play goal, well, hey.

Why a veteran should be absolved of having a good attitude or hard work or leading by example, I have no idea.

Bizarre. Bad trade, he was pretty useless for us, did not improve the team.

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