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04-14-2012, 12:19 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Housley is a hard player to judge because he played at a time when a lot of writers really did treat the Norris as an Art Ross for defensemen. I'm definitely an anti-Housley poster here - it really was the case that he was only a top pairing guy on terrible teams and that any team that was close to contender would have to insulate him in real life, let alone the ATD.

That said, on an "all time" list, he has to rank over Leo Reise. If used properly, Housley definitely contributed for a long time and we were reminded this draft of just how short Reise's period of relevance was.

This is making no judgement as to who is better for his role in this series
I think Housley and Gonchar are kind of special cases in terms of what their AST voting means. The AST voting results are only one statistical indicator of a player's performance. It is probably the most important indicator, but it is not the beginning and end of the picture we have of these defensemen. Other factors, like ESGA, overall icetime, ES icetime, team strength/success/exposure, team role (was he a #1 on his own team), etc. all play a role in our evaluations. In the specific case of Gonchar and Housley, most of these factors do not paint the players in a good light, and so we must temper the value we assign to their AST voting with the other information we have.

The mistake we made in the past was that we applied this critique of Housley and Gonchar to all post-expansion offensive defensemen, irrespective of specific facts of their respective careers.

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