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04-14-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
To me, Feaster appears to be the fall guy here. The fact is, more and more information is coming out that the owners and King are dictating what is happening behind the scenes with this team. This whole Brent Sutter thing only proves that theory more. Its quite apparent that Brent wanted change with the roster next season, its apparent that Feaster and Sutter got along quite well, and if I was betting man I think Feaster wanted to have Sutter back next season. I think after the meeting that Brent and Feaster had, it was stated to Brent that the changes he wanted to see were not going to happen, so both parties decided to part ways. I don't think the owners priority is to ice a championship team, I think their priority is to ice a competitive team and sell tickets.

Regarding the dismissal of our coach, I think Iggy will be staying in Calgary next season so I think it is the right move. I think Iggy is more than capable of being a productive player in this league for a while yet, but I think he needs to play in a more complimentive system, that has an open style.

I am not happy with what appears to be going on with the Flames, I think it is utter BS. Its an 'Old Boys' up there in the upper office and they are doing a disservice to the fans of this city. And its to bad, this city is so rich that people will support the team no matter what. The only way significant change will come about is if attendence goes down. No one up there is listening to what the fans want, they are just doing as they please.

I am not calling for a full scale rebuild, or even that Iggy needs to be traded. But this G** damn formula is proven it doesn't work and its time for change. I think the Flames need to follow what the Sens did last year. I don't know what I'm going to do if pretty much the same core is brought back next year. I really believe Feaster's hands are tied to an extent, I'm not really sure how much change will even be allowed to occur.
I have a few comments about this, but I'm not particularly attacking you MVW. You're good stuff and all, but you and others have recently attacked the ownership about this whole deal.

1) Who in their right mind would let Feaster have an unlimited pass to a multi-million dollar business after knowing the guy for 2 years. The ownership would be pretty incompetent to just let their million dollar business be flipped over by a complete stranger. I think Feaster has just as much power as Daryll Sutter had, unless of course Daryll (or now Feaster) decided one afternoon to trade away all players for draft picks and lose 82 hockey games each season for the next half a decade. C'mon. These are business men and this a million dollar business. Of course Feaster can't make decisions about that kind of a rebuild.

2) I truly beleive they don't give a rats ass what the fans want. I know I wouldn't. Do you think Suncor is listening to what Albertans want? No. They'll bulldoze a herd of baby endangered deer if it meant making a buck. So what makes you think this ownership group is any different? Money makes the world go round (in economic paradigm).

3) Of course ownership wants a championship team. Who gets into this business to not maximize profits? If there was one way to win a championship, everybody would be doing it. I think we're seeing a "remodeling" right now, and ownership is going to try this way to see if it's successful. Businessmen like inovation, and instead of following the status quo "rebuild" model, maybe they're on to something here with a combination of youth injection while carrying a veteran core. It seems to be working for the Sens so far...

Or maybe ownership simply haven't saved up enough for the rainy days ahead during a rebuild. Maybe if the owners did what everyone is asking for, they might have to belly up if things go a little off schedule and take Columbus-long at winning a cup. Maybe they're preparing for the worst case scenario, and because they're doing that, we'll get keep our team when things get bad. Remember, there was once a time when we almost lost the Calgary Flames...

Let me be clear. I would prefer a championship team over perpetual 9th to 11th place finishes. I have my opinions how I feel it should be done, and reasons why, while others have theirs. I can't blame the owners for not wanting (if applicable) to go about certain routes to a Stanley Cup, but most importantly, I certaintly can't blame them for preventing Feaster from making certain rash decisions without approval first.

I will, however, cheer for this team. I'm not ***** about every single transaction (again, not attacking you MVW) because I'm not a stubborn facist who's fixated on one idea, and I'm not going to start cheering for another team. Although I would love it if certain other posters started cheering for other teams, then I don't have to be reminded on "how this organization sucks" every day.

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