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04-14-2012, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by IslesGM View Post
Contrary to what Blackhawks fans may feel, you don't need a cheapshot to our star player to win. That would not be factual at all.

Even with Daniel Sedin the Canucks would have at best a split. and that's a stretchhhhh armstrong.

Game 1 KINGS got the breaks (puck over glass) and won despite Lu's super hot tending. (King's dominated game)

Game 2 they made the breaks for themselves and never ever looked in doubt. (Brown beast mode) FYI, when the media put his name up at deadline I screamed for the Nucks to trade Schroeder and ALL picks for him. He's that good.

Kings are just 100% better right now.

I see a sweep. Kings will go on to face a good team and hopefully be ready. Kings are the first team in 4yrs to beat Van that I haven't considered FILTHY. Kudos for actually being better at HOCKEY (not goalie running or playing between whistles). No ill will towards Kings. They are just better. Turns out OUR goalies would have to steal the series. May the best team win. (Sooooooooo....KINGS) At least it's not as heartwrenching to lose to a clean team who deserves it. Good luck the rest of the way Kings.

From a 23yr Canucks fan.
It's weird. I could swear I read this post way earlier, then it it's back. Thanks for the kind words though.

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