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04-14-2012, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
I have a few comments about this, but I'm not particularly attacking you MVW. You're good stuff and all, but you and others have recently attacked the ownership about this whole deal.

1) Who in their right mind would let Feaster have an unlimited pass to a multi-million dollar business after knowing the guy for 2 years. The ownership would be pretty incompetent to just let their million dollar business be flipped over by a complete stranger. I think Feaster has just as much power as Daryll Sutter had, unless of course Daryll (or now Feaster) decided one afternoon to trade away all players for draft picks and lose 82 hockey games each season for the next half a decade. C'mon. These are business men and this a million dollar business. Of course Feaster can't make decisions about that kind of a rebuild.

2) I truly beleive they don't give a rats ass what the fans want. I know I wouldn't. Do you think Suncor is listening to what Albertans want? No. They'll bulldoze a herd of baby endangered deer if it meant making a buck. So what makes you think this ownership group is any different? Money makes the world go round (in economic paradigm).

3) Of course ownership wants a championship team. Who gets into this business to not maximize profits? If there was one way to win a championship, everybody would be doing it. I think we're seeing a "remodeling" right now, and ownership is going to try this way to see if it's successful. Businessmen like inovation, and instead of following the status quo "rebuild" model, maybe they're on to something here with a combination of youth injection while carrying a veteran core. It seems to be working for the Sens so far...

Or maybe ownership simply haven't saved up enough for the rainy days ahead during a rebuild. Maybe if the owners did what everyone is asking for, they might have to belly up if things go a little off schedule and take Columbus-long at winning a cup. Maybe they're preparing for the worst case scenario, and because they're doing that, we'll get keep our team when things get bad. Remember, there was once a time when we almost lost the Calgary Flames...

Let me be clear. I would prefer a championship team over perpetual 9th to 11th place finishes. I have my opinions how I feel it should be done, and reasons why, while others have theirs. I can't blame the owners for not wanting (if applicable) to go about certain routes to a Stanley Cup, but most importantly, I certaintly can't blame them for preventing Feaster from making certain rash decisions without approval first.

I will, however, cheer for this team. I'm not ***** about every single transaction (again, not attacking you MVW) because I'm not a stubborn facist who's fixated on one idea, and I'm not going to start cheering for another team. Although I would love it if certain other posters started cheering for other teams, then I don't have to be reminded on "how this organization sucks" every day.
Excellent post. Absolutely Fantastic.

And I would like to expand on the 2 bolded pieces.

I will start with the 2nd bold section. About saving for the rainy day, it could very well be true, however we have to remember we are trying to save for a new arena (and now football stadium, however with this we bring in the Stampeders profits too) as well as running a hockey team. The last thing ownership/management needs while trying to secure all the funding for a downtown arena & stadium is for the franchise to be a financial black hole and a full scale rebuild will do that in my estimation.

Now to your 1st point that I put into bold. I agree 100%. And you only have to look at our drafting the past 2 years to have hope that this this team is on the verge of finding a diamond in the rough. I have brought it up in other threads but I will go into more detail here as it seems like a good way to expand your awesome post.

Let's start with our 2010 draft, no 1st round pick or 2nd round pick. And we come up with these picks:
  • 3rd Round: Max Reinhart - Last years WHL playoff MVP IMO, I know he never won it officially but it had to have been extremely close. This year on a bad team Max led the way with the Ice and put up 78 points in 61 games, he is also a very hard working player with an excellent 2-way game. If genetics are a factor he comes from good lineage, as his dad was an excellent NHL defenseman and it looks like his 2 younger brother have an amazing future as well.
  • 3rd Round: Joey Leach - Key cog in the Ice's Memorial Cup run and by all accounts their #1 defenseman this season. Joey is a 6'4 giant that is still growing into his frame, he is a stay at home defenseman that is decent with the puck.
  • 4th Round: John Ramage - Now a former captain of the US World Junior squad and current captain of the Wisconsin Badgers (named as a Junior). Right handed stay at home defenseman with never say die attitude. Perhaps a smaller version of Sarich. And like Max if lineage matters, Ramage is the son of 15 year stay at home defenseman Rob Ramage.
  • 4th Round: Bill Arnold - He won't wow you with his hand or his feet. But he competes hard every shift of every game. Always wins battles along the boards and is always noticable due to his ability to force turnover in the neutral zone. Excellent penalty killer who has the makings of being an excellent checking line center.
  • 5th Round: Michael Ferland - When he was drafted he was coming off a 9 goal, 28 point rookie season. Since then he has only developed into a 47 goal and 96 point power forward.
  • 7th Round: Patrick Holland - He has been traded in the Bourque/Cammalleri deal but this 7th rounder only put up 84 assists in the WHL this year. Not bad for a 7th.

Now for the 2011 draft:
  • 1st round: Sven Baertschi - 3 goals in 5 NHL during the the toughest part of the NHL schedule. 2 points per game for the WInterhawks and a mere 19 points in 8 playoff games so far this year. Kid by all accounts appears to be a stud.
  • 2nd Round: Markus Granlund - 34 points in 47 games in Finland's top tier, which was good for 37th in league scoring as a rookie. To put his production into perspective for comparisons sake, Joel Armia the 1st round pick finished with only 4 more points but played 7 more games.
  • 2nd Round: Tyler Wotherspoon - stay at home top 4 defenseman in one of the top CHL teams. His role will expand further next year
  • 4th Round: Johnny Gaudreau - what can we say about him? He has incredible hands and feet. His drive to compete is 2nd to none, he wins puck battles, he dances around defensemen like a stripper does her pole. 44 points in 44 games as a FRESHMAN and only won MVP of the Beanpot Tournement and the Hockey East Championships. Oh and all this kid does is win. 2010-11 He led the Fighting Saints to the USHL Championship, 2011-12 he helped Lead the Boston College Eagles to a national championship.
  • 5th Round: Laurent Brossoit - Probably the least talked about Flames prospect. He seemed like a bit of a head scratcher in the 5th round, had played 34 games as a rookie for the Oil Kings and had a .32gaa and .887sv%, but as he took over the reigns as the #1 in Edmonton we started seeing an improvement. 42-13-5 record, 2.47gaa, .914sv%. Now after 8 games (and 2 sweeps) Laurent is 8-0 with a 1.50gaa and .941sv%. His numbers have been comparable to Bunz who is consider a top goaltender prospect in the WHL.

While some of those kids won't turn out, you have to be blind to not see some potential there and recognize that the drafting is improved. If we keep drafting the way we have there is no reason this think either one of these guys (my money is on Gaudeau ) or a pick in the near future will turn into a gem.

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