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Originally Posted by Sargent Pepper View Post
Anyone in his right mind and not afflicted with a personal agenda knows that Patrick Roy has a streak of great coach in him. He may be fiery but managed to convinced Junior hockey players for over a decade now to adopt his vision and they consistently are a serious Memorial Cup contender calibre team. To do that so consistently, a team has to have a great GM and a great coach. Roy is both! a mix of Charlie Henry (Best Junior GM in Canada for over 20 years) and Pat Burns rolled into one. I will be greatly disappointed if he does not get the coaching nod in Montreal.

Question - if he is so emotionally compromised as some suggest, why has he been such a winner and managed to get sensitive young hockey players to play for him in such way, year after year, for over a decade now?

who better to HAVE COACHING when you got a team of YOUNG GUYS?

Jacques Martin? you seen first hand , how many of Montreal young guy's got shipped out ...

Patrick Roy? as a jr coach he has TONS of knowledge on coaching younger players.....Montreal roster is full of them ...and many more coming like the Tinodri, Brendan Gallagher Leblanc and crew...

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