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04-14-2012, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Not counting the Getzlaf/Staal choices which are obvious, anyone you have in mind?

I've always been a fan of Duchene, mind you not elite, but all the tools to be a #1 center and the same age of our core. That's one of my "not as common" picks.
My hope is that we draft him this year.
Originally Posted by MaxPac67 View Post
I would also question a re-build!

#1 Were not Edmonton or Columbus! Hell with them.....

#2 We actually have a core, you can't tell me that with Subban/Price/Gorges/Pax & a few good years of Cole that we can't build around that! Edmonton has been getting #1 picks 3 years straight were are they oh yeah! Still last!
They're last... for now. That won't last.

They've got a long way to go before they're a good team (and they've got incompetent management that makes me question how good they will be) but a they've got an incredible core to build around. If they take Yakupov this draft and then start trading guys like Hemsky or Paajarvi or other young forwards for young bluliners they could be very scary down the line. Maybe they could do a Paajarvi or a Gagner for Johnathan Bernier...

People used to make fun of the Pens, Caps and Hawks too man. Go look back at some of those posts and have a laugh.
Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I don't disagree, but turnover is required. Rebuild doesn't necessarily mean destroying the team. You can rebuild a philosophy, image, style, or vision.

I think you gotta build a strong core before you can get vets. While our core is above average and good. I think the core is missing a #1 Center. If the core included a #1 center I would never think of retooling.

So the question is, do you attempt using a core thats missing a key ingredient and hoping for the best or sell off some depth and flip the assets for that extra piece and even if we're lacking depth for a season or two, worth it in long run imo. If you hope for the best, high pick and tanking aside, you end up slowing down the process and your young core is no longer young.

The idea is to retool to build a young core that's perrenial contenders. Not windows of opportunity every now and then.
I think we're not that far off. We've got a lot of good pieces in place already and some decent depth coming up on the blueline in the next couple of years. One more year of rebuild... that's it. Deal Pleks, deal Gionta (it can be at the deadline) and then get a couple of good picks at next years' draft. Add it to what we have and we could be in really good shape for the next several years. Then we can look at adding UFAs down the line and actually maybe even trading away some picks to get final pieces when we're actually contenders. We're not there yet though. Quick fixes won't help, they will hurt. We just need to be patient a while longer and we'll have the building blocks in place.

What really bothers me right now is that we're starting to waste some great years from Price. That's exactly what I was worried about when we made those stupid moves three years ago. In that span we've wasted Pleks and now we're on our way to wasting Price. Don't want a repeat of those old mistakes. Just spend a year rebuilding and we'll be in good shape for a long time.

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