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PK1: Bailey - Kennedy - Shore - Horner
PK2: Fleury - Weiland - Conacher - McDonald
PK3: Bondra - Hunter - Shore - Prodger

PK 1

I don't see anything in Kennedy's bio that said he killed penalties. As a good defensive player he should be decent at it, but for guys on my first unit, I'd prefer that they have documented PK ability. Bailey, on the other hand, is a strong PKer with a known track record. Primeau and Fleming are both documented as being strong penalty killers and two-way players, so I think Philadelphia's forwards are a bit better on the PK here. In terms of defensemen, Shore and Horner will be hell in front of the net and in the corners. They're a better defensive pair than Salming and Smith. But again, Shore and Horner are going to be spending a good amount of time in the box and may run around looking for the big hit, taking themselves out of position. An advantage here probably goes to Winnipeg because the gap between the defensemen is larger than the gap between forwards.


Fleury, Graves, and Linden are all guys that played in mostly the same era, and all killed a decent amount of penalties. I think they're about the same in general. Weiland was known as a very strong PKer in his day, so I guess that gives Winnipeg a small advantage there. Goodfellow and Conacher are basically a wash as discussed before, but Reise is definitely better than McDonald. Reise has what McDonald has(a 2nd team all star), plus another one and two AS game appearances. Overall, these units look like pretty much a wash.


Neither of Bondra or Hunter killed penalties on a consistent basis throughout their career. Then again, I don't think Moore or Howe really did either. Looking at Bondra's impressive SHG totals and then his PPGA totals, I think this is precisely the role he played in real life. Throw him on towards the end of the penalty kill, and he'd use his speed to burn tired forwards and defensemen on the penalty kill for shorthanded goals. Defensemen are an advantage to Winnipeg because they have Eddie Shore.

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