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04-14-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by stubbadub View Post
The only similarity to Carey Price he has is that he lets in some seriously soft goals. He was great the past two games, but each first goal against him was soft as margarine. Needs to tighten up his 5 hole. I can maaaaaaaaaybe see him getting drafted in the first round if Halifax advances this series, and does well next year as well, but I'm thinking more of a second round risk pick.

lol maybe? I am glad your not a scout for my team, be some horrible goalie drafts, every NHL scout i know is drooling over this 10 pick, im not sure if those soft goals you call soft are always as soft as you think i have never seen him consistantly let in a soft one, the kid is one of the best I have seen in the good do u think a goalie has to be? 17 shutouts in the year? how good do u think luongo, giguere and fleury were in the qmjhl...actually Giguere let in one quick bad goal every game for the mooseheads then tightened his game up after that.....this being said, I am pretty sure you just want to start people changnig the thread the more I type because no one would make that assumption of the kid and be serious...but how a player gets drafted has no bearing how his team is by the way it is what the player does and he does nothing but give them the chance to win games.

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