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11-20-2003, 06:13 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
The point that JR is making is that Leetch came in with very little training camp, so he really hadn't played against NHL talent in 7 months, and had very little time to work his way back into the flow of things before being tossed back into the fire. The NHL game moves so quickly that it would be impossible for anyone to have such a long layoff and just be "in the game" right off the drop of the first puck. The reason for training isn't just so that the prospects and AHLers can show their stuff to management. It's also so that the NHLers can ease themselves back into the flow of the fastest game on earth. Leetch missed that, so it's understandable that it will show. And yes, to skewer Leetch over that is offbase and ridiculous.

Yeah, I know what JR's point was...And sorry, I just don't agree..As a 15 year vet, this should all be second nature to him..He's been pretty pitiful out there on the ice and alot of that has been due to being out of position and missing (or forgetting) assignments....If it's the ankle that's preventing him form carrying these things out, no problem...Guess, I'm just not as forgiving..

As for skewering Leetch, of course I over did it a bit, but that's what happens in rants! Still, he's as accountable as the rest of the Rangers....And although we are dealing with Leetch here, I realize that he's not one of our major problems..

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