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11-20-2003, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Vishinator05
I know this is hard for some of you to believe.. but we're not jealous of the Avalanche or their fans. I think there is a difference in being handed a winner and being part of something built from nothing.

A lot of us have been with the Ducks since the beginning when there were no players on the roster. It will be a lot more special when they win that game 7 next time as opposed to having it handed to us the first year.
Ahhh…is that the reason you hate Avalanche fans? We did not suffer enough to meet your standards. Of course, it was the owners and the NHL, not Avalanche fans, that determined Denver would get the Nordiques, but why let that cold hard fact get in the way of a good hatred.

So…in order to meet your high standard of fandom, what should have hockey fans in Denver when the Avs arrived on the doorstep?

Should they have shunned the Avs because they were denied the right to be fans of a team built from scratch? No…that makes no sense at all.

Perhaps the problem is that Avs fans have actually enjoyed the team’s success? The division titles, the Cups, the parades. But that can’t be it because that would imply jealousy…and you have ruled out that deadly sin.

Or maybe it is that the Avalanche fans do not seem to realize how truly unworthy they are and actually have the nerve to act like the fans of other teams? Perhaps if the Avalanche fans on all wore little Burgundy and Blue beanies with the words ‘We are not worthy’ on embroidered on them, they might show enough humility to avoid your hatred. Not enough? What if we add propellers to the beanies? Would that do it? Maybe is we added the phrase ‘UnworthyAvsFan’ to our message board names? Would that win your approval? Exactly what would it take?

The Avs are playing their 9th season in Denver. I can understand the citizens of Quebec still being upset at losing their team…but other hockey fans still holding a grudge? Get Over It.

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