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11-20-2003, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
What a load of crap, most of you ducks fans started posting here during the playoffs last year when you beat Detroit, not saying it was you but you even know it.

Refering to the guy who started this thread, Stop crying about a call, your tears won't change what happened, Sakic may have dove or may have fell, I don't really care, the game is over with.
I had no intention of using the clip as an attack on the Avalanche, just Joe Sakic.

The fact that it was interpreted as stemming from jealousy speaks pretty eloquently about the arrogance of some in the colorado fan base. I didn't like the Nordiques and I don't like the Avs. I didn't like them when they were awful, either.

Some people on this board will, instead of actually speaking to the issue, point to the fact that an argument is being made by a mighty duck fan as a means of making it less legitimate. It makes the argument much easier to dismiss. It's a nice mental crutch, eh RIAL?

My point was that Sakic dove on the play. Some said he hadn't and I offered what I considered proof. Everything else that entered is a product of everyone else's various insecurities.

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