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11-20-2003, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Ejh18
Do you know Klesla on a personal level?

Or you just havnt like him since juniors. I think there is a signifigant differece there. And wishing someone one would go after him, because you dont like him... whats that say about your class? :p
I have good reasons, Klesla insulted all Canadians on a personal level following the WJC tournament, he went on a rant after the Czecks beat Canada.......with each sentece begining with "those Canadians".....generalizing all of us as a people, went on to call Canadians arrogant among other things. Hey, if someone doesn't like Canadians and wants to speak their minds thats fine! But don't than return to that country in order to use their junior hockey program to forward your career and continue to leach off kind hearted Canadians who have opened their home for you, out of the kindness of their heart.
Cherry called Klesla a "disgrace"......I don't usually agree with Don, but he hit the nail on the head in this case.....personal enough for you?
And I never wished anything, just said I wouldn't mind it.

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