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04-15-2012, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by TheZec View Post
HF has Josi as #3 prospect in Nashvilles organization.

They project him as a top 4 D, tough from what I'm seeing I would have ranked him something higher than 7.0B.
Not entering into the Blum/Josi debate. I definitely agree that 7 B is inappropriate.

I guess it has more to do with HF not looking at him again this year.
They watched him last year (with a usual natural low esteem for Swiss players), they put him a 7 B.
This year, when reviewing their stance on him, he was injured. Therefore they kept the 7B stance. (as an analyst, when you deal with a prospect behind others more sexy, you will not take the time to dig and ... . In absence of real facts and figures ... they will update it leaving the rating unchanged and putting some common, conventional wisdom tinted "passe partout" comments".

The B rating, means that the analyst was sure at the time that he would be level 7 at least. In fact the analyst must have hesitated between 7B or 7.5C or 8D. He made a conservative choice ... .

I do believe that the analyst, if he seriously looks at him again, will upgrade him without discussion.

My personal rating is 9 C or 8.5 B.

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