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04-15-2012, 10:58 AM
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Question about Refs

Do they have an obligation to step in and break up a fight when a player clearly is knocked out- similar to how UFC refs have to stop fights?

I was at the game yesterday so I couldn't really see what happened, but I watched the replays today and it was clear that Boyle got knocked out. He got caught with a sucker punch on his chin that knocked him off his feet and stunned him and then Carkner just wailed on him. If this was a UFC fight refs would have stepped in and broke it up. Hell if this was any hockey fight the refs would have broken it up at that point. I was shocked to see the refs just standing idly as a defenseless Boyle was getting wailed on. People can suffer permanent brain damage when they take blows to the head in that state. So are NHL refs required to stop a fight in a situation like that?

Also, the fact that the refs just stood by while Boyle was stunned and getting a beatdown was clearly the reason why Dubi jumped in to get Carkner off of Boyle. It's not like Dubi went in and started fighting Carkner. Dubi's game misconduct was confounding, to say the least. Not to mention that the altercation between Boyle and Carkner technically wasn't even a fight.

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