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11-20-2003, 08:14 AM
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What does Staios' extension say about Comrie?

I am curious if anyone else gets the impression that Comrie isn't a team favourite inside the Oiler dressing room?

When he first signed his contract out of Jr., I thought I recalled some rumblings that it didn't go over real well in the Oiler dressing room because a) he got so much money, and b) he was taking a roster spot of a regular without actually proving anything on the ice.

Then with this contract impass, some of the speculation is that he is unhappy with being one of the players singled out by Lowe as not performing in the playoffs. The only blurb that was heard, is when Lowe held his press conference and only briefly listed Comrie as one of the guys that didn't come through. With that the speculation turned to Comrie being ragged on in the dressing room by Lowe. When other players were asked about that they said "absolutely not" and that Lowe did go on a tirade but never singled any player out specifically. The way that episode was described on the radio was that when the players were asked, they reacted almost as if the notion was rediculous before answering.

So now (finally get to my point) we have seen Moreau and Laraque signing long term deals and for less money than they may have made elsewhere, we have seen Smyth sign for probably less than the arbitrator would have given him and now yesterday Staios makes a huge commitment just months before he is elligible for UFA.

I can't help but think that players are in tune with what the other guys plans are and in the case Smyth, Moreau and Laraque signing, they must have known that Comrie was looking for a way out.

Now with Staios, he definately knows that Comrie can't get out of town fast enough and yet he was anxious to stay and was commenting on the Oilers showing a commitment to winning.

Seems to me that if the guy that is percieved to be your most talented player, has ten good years ahead of him, wants out and is clearly going to be traded the remaining players would be hard pressed to look around at their team and think that this is a team that is going to challenge for the cup one day. If your best player wants out then what does it say for the organization and the direction it's taking.

And yet Lowe seems to have these guys wanting to stay. Does it suggest that with in the room, there isn't much respect for Comrie the person (obviously his talent must be appreciated) and in the eyes of some this would be at the very least addition by subtraction when he is gone?

That's my conspiracy theory for the day.

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