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11-20-2003, 08:16 AM
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First, can Hainsey step in right now and play his game more often than not at the same level of competence as Bouillon can? IMO, he can't.

Probably not. But will Bouillon ever be a Number 1 or 2. Never. Willl Hainsey get better when he plays one game in 3 or 4. Probably not either We need to let him play, make his mistakes and learn from them. If he does in 2 years we have a bonafide No. 1-2. If he doesn't we need to be looking for one Playing Bouillon only delays Hainseys progress.

Secondly, the Habs are sorely lacking in character players like Bouillon, Begin and Koivu

That's what Rivet is and always has been. He was captain of the farm team in one of its locations, I think Fredricton but I can't remember. He is a character guy who plays the same steady game most nights. I laugh all the time when I hear about how bad he is or that he should be sent to Hamilton. One person gets on the I hate Rivet chant and all the sheep follow. He will never be more than a 4-5 guy but he is just what a dozen teams need. So he makes a lot of money. That just reflected the way the CBA is structured in regards to signing your own Free Agents.

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