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11-20-2003, 08:32 AM
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I think it is true that this board attracted a lot of new Ducks posters as the team improved last year and even more during the playoffs. That happens every year with every team that plays good hockey and makes the playoffs. Their fans get excited about their team and start posting. Nothing wrong with that.

With the changes in formats here from time to time, it is impossible to know prove how long people have been posting here and it really does not matter. I have been posting on hockey boards for 7 years or so and remember Ducks fans who were posting way back then. Wonder what ever happened to DisgruntledDucksFan? He goes way back to the Slam days…

Fans are fans. Since there are no qualifications for the job, every team gets some of every type...and in about the same proportion. IMO, it is wrong to generalize about the fans of a team. It is not only unfair, it is also inaccurate...

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