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starting strength obviously isn't the be all and end all of programming. it just so happens to be that for beginners. doing virtually anything with work for a beginner. this is not news. but a beginner doesn't need fancy periodization. that's all that Rippetoe/SS is saying. it simplifies the problem to the absolute maximum.

if you read SS, rippetoe addresses the importance of recovery (sleep, food, etc.) for doing his lifts. you cannot do SS without rest days and progress for very long. the upside is that per week SS is actually taking less time than other programs. so you have the free time to do other stuff.

if your female athlete's deadlift only gained 30 lbs in three months, than i would put that up against anyone doing SS. 30 pounds on the DL should be at most 3 weeks gains. if you meant that she went from 165 kg to 195 kg, well then she is clearly past novice and needed an intermediate template anyway.

as for lean gains, if you follow the guy's blog, you know that his approach is not centered around strength training, but rather the intermittent fasting diet. he uses programming templates found in whatever his clients want to do, SS/stronglifts/westside/etc. by the way, intermittent fasting is hard as hell, and yes it does work. however, people on caloric deficits don't make strength gains at nearly the same rates as those on caloric surpluses. and martin never said they did.

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