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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Adding muscle dropping fat is pretty difficult. You have competing substrates at work there. If you are looking to add mass you are getting started on the big 4. Cleans, bench, squat and deadlift. What I would do if you are serious about adding some muscle is a 3 day a week program. Mon Wed Fri 3 sets 10 reps to failure. Fail on each set. Allow 2 minutes rest to restore about 95 percent of your phosphocreatine levels then another set. What i personally do is drop sets, to failure. This is going to be extremely taxing on your body. Make sure you fuel properly. If you are looking to just focus on a bulk definetly do a carb protein pwo as well as carbs before and during. Personally im cutting so i do no carb diet.. This type of lifting is etremely taxing with that type of diet but the results speak for themselves.
This isn't true. I wanted to test this piece of internet strength dogma out myself so I took 45 days and cut 5% of my bodyfat while gaining strength. I went from 196 pounds to 188 pounds and all of my lifts improved. They didn't improve as fast as if I had bulked BUT I didn't have to spend anytime stagnating while cutting. It also took a pretty meticulous eye on my macros/supplementation/sleep.

Edit: the first 2 weeks were spent figuring out IF for myself and I really didn't make any gains one way or another weight wise.

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