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11-20-2003, 09:08 AM
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Hamhuis for Satan, eh? I'm not so sure I discount that one as quickly as others...DESPITE the fact I'm a Hamhuis WORSHIPPER.

Miro's stats since joining Buffalo (had 18/17 for 35 and 17/11 for 28 his first two years in the league, for Edmonton)

97-98 : 22/24 for 46
98-99 : 40/26 for 66
99-00 : 33/34 for 67
00-01 : 29/33 for 62
01-02 : 37/36 for 73
02-03 : 26/49 for 75

Slow start so far this year, 5/4 for 9 in 18 games, projecting out to 23/18 for 41.

Hrmm. Well, let's ASSUME for a moment that Hammer really IS as good as some of us think. For that matter, let's say he's THAT GOOD NOW. this instant. That he's a regular All-Star.

EVEN if he is, and we traded him, I STILL got a team with more d-men than we know what to do with (that fact alone being responsible for 2 threads here and 3 on the np boards over the last couple of months.)

Of those D-men, I have:

1) Kimmo - Widely regarded as one of the most underrated in the league.

2) York - Solid, reliable, and will likely only improve on a rather poor start, as he gets more and more back into 'game shape" having missed ALL of pre-season.

3) Zidlicky - is there a team out there that DOESN'T want this guy?

4) Eaton - I'm no big fan, but if you're thrust into a "leadership roll" at his young age/exp. level, and respond by starting the season with 5 pts and a +7 in the first 15 games...well, you're doing SOMETHING right. I mean, that projects out to 27 points and a +38 rating...not a bad season. And he's young enough to get even better.

5) Schnabs - Many of us like this kid, and he'll be back soon. Solid, hits like a sledge hammer, and NOBODY gets near Koun when he's on the ice.

6) Ryan Suter waiting in the wings...

Ya know, even WITHOUT Hammer, I'm not sure our D is THAT CERTAINLY looks pretty good for the near future, and that's WITHOUT Kloucek, Brookbank, Hutch, etc...

In the mean time, I keep watching a team that, if it doesn't get 60 minutes of INSANE effort, and a few 'good bounces", simply can not score. It's a team DEVOID of finishers. Sure, there are a couple wiating to BECOME finishers, but they haven't yet, for one reason or another. wanna offer me a guy who averages 61 points a year (and that's if he stays cold THIS season) over 7 seasons, is NOT injury prone, and has demonstrated a SOLID ability to score OR make plays, in exchange for ONE of my d-men off what looks to be a fairly deep d-corp...(granted, my "best" d-man if we're assuming Hammer's already a superstar)...that's at least worth a look. i mean, after all, ya don't get Miro Satan for nothing, ya know?

But then you're telling me you're willing for that D-man to be an as-yet unproven rookie?

Sorry guys...I worship the ice Dan Hamhuis skates on...but I might just do that one.


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