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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I must say, didouche is an absolute genius. Thank you for all the great info.

Monday night we arrived and went to Baton Rouge on Ste Catherine's, outstanding.

Tuesday we headed out to Quebec City returned around 7pm and went up to La Banquise for Poutine. Wife had the classic and I had with "steak" (really chopmeat), bacon, and sausage. Quite the scrumptious. Only caveats on the place was the menu was all if French. Not a problem for us as my wife can read, write, and speak French pretty close to fluently. Although, she likes to downplay her abilities. Seemed like all the staff was bi-lingual, but for those who dont read French, it could be tough to decide on the menu. They also do not accept credit cards. They do have an ATM, but it didnt work. Customer sitting next to us told us it never works. They do accept debit cards, but for some reason wasn't accepting mine or my wife's. We didnt have enough Canadian cash on us, but they do accept American so between American and Canadian we did have enough.

We hit Champs on Ste Laurent on Wednesday and Thursday for the games. Great place. Food was good, the Borleau (sp?) Blonde could have been a little colder, or maybe freezing the glasses would have helped, but just a minor complaint. Place had a good atmosphere, loved all the memorabilia hanging up. Also noticed on Wednesday, a group of Latinos were sitting in one of the boothes watching a soccer game. Had the hockey games, and some baseball on.

After the games wednesday, my wife wanted to try Patati Patata. She loved it, I was stuffed so just had a taste. She actually liked it better than La Banquise. I didnt notice a difference. I am not really much of a gravy person. In fact, only time I ever have gravy is the rare occassion I have poutine.

After the games thursday I hit Schwartz's across the street from Champs, and it was a great sandwich. Someone on here said it was the best in the world. I wouldnt go that far, but it was really good. Then we hit La Banquise and grabbed some Poutine to go as we walked back to hotel.

Had Lunch at McLean on Wednesday and Thursday, but we had been there before on previous trips.

Visited Old Montreal and wasn't really that impressed. Thought Vieux Quebec was much better. Also took the train out to Olympic Park. Did the tour. Tour guide was actually really funny. Saw the pool and into the stadium. They were setting up for a heavy machinery trade show. Not in the market for a bulldozer, so didn't buy anything. Enjoyed the tour, took the ride up the tower. The window design made it tough to get decent pictures of the views.

Also visited Mont Royal and walked to the top. Liked it, was a light workout getting up to the top, and a great view from the chalet.

Finally, the duty-free at the border. A bottle of Captain Spiced and a bottle of Captain Dark for only $37.

My one question, is it a custom in Montreal to approach everyone you don't know and ask them for money. I must have had 100 people ask me, and not all of them looked homeless. A lot of young people asking for money, too. Few times as we were walking saw young people pull out the window cleaning stuff and try to clean windshield. As much as I dislike our mayor here in NYC, he has done a great job ordering the police to keep the homeless off the streets and making them go to shelters. Giuliani started it in the 90's and Bloomberg has continued it.

Altogether, a great trip and looking forward to coming back. Hopefully, next year the schedule works out for a trip for Rangers-Habs up there. If not, we will just come to hang out.

Also visited the memorabilia store on the bottom floor of the Eaton Centre and picked up a nice piece. Owner gave me a discount, but as a small memorabilia dealer, I know the business works like the auto industry. You never actually pay sticker price. They had some nice stuff in there. A little overpriced on most of it, but if you ask, you can get a discount.

And was that a veiled insult in the "hobo" question? You must've really looked like a tourist there. If you travel enough, you'll know that some folks will know right away that you're a tourist and will try to abuse that fact. They were probably hobos/delinquents.

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