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03-08-2006, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by kolanos
Wow, you just made my earlier point about the Sabres not having many good PKers and as a result Connolly saw more than he would on a team stocked with PKers. Thanks for your assist! Not that I needed it.
It is now you who continue to flaunt your ignorance like it was a Badge of Honor.

The Sabres have the 2nd best PK in the league and rotate a great number of them through night in night out. If you'd every actually watched a game or two you'd know that we have at least 7 solid penalty-killing forwards and Connolly could be said to be number #3.

Before you go off on a rant I'll list them just to pre-emptively shut you up:


Ruff's been grooming Connolly as a two-way centerman by using him on the PK. This goes all the way back to when Tim was traded for. He's always seen time on the Sabres PK, the time spent there has made him a better offensive player.

The end all and be all of the NHL? No. Just a solid two-way center with great hands and exceptional vision who has had to learn the hard way that success at this level doesn't come without a lot of hard work. Hence, he anchors the 2nd PK unit on one of the best and deepest units in the league.

Grow up already and admit that you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Connolly for Leopold? Great idea, not going to happen.


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