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04-15-2012, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Exactly. Ruzicka is having a hard time understanding this. He thinks that the Czech league play is better than KHL play (delusional), and that the Czech league teams can't compete with Lev Prague (well duh that's not the point). The idea is to get rid of all of these fragmented domestic leagues of like 10 teams, usually 2-3 powerhouse and the rest average or below par. Now the KHL comes in and scoops those good markets up and gives those teams an additional financial boost. Now fans of those markets get a top flight match to watch every single game because its 30 teams strong. Its called infrastructure upgrade.
The problem is, people don't seem to understand that such a concept could destroy European hockey if it came to be. Making a European elite league could destroy domestic hockey, given motivation to develop talent all but disappears for the majority. I mean if the Czech league loses it's elite teams and is left with the remains, the remains will absolutely disintegrate.

All you are doing is making a mini NHL, which is odd considering so many Europeans complain about the NHL poaching talent in the first place. You create one strong league, but the infrastructure of other leagues is destroyed.

I just don't really understand or see the true logic in this by the KHL. Surely there are more important things they could be doing within Russian hockey? Adding teams from all over Europe may make a stronger "domestic" league, but it serves no help in improving the Russian development system and bring up new young players. You'd create even more of a Russian elite, with many traditional clubs no longer being able to be part of the KHL (unless you are going to expand it to like 50-60 teams), roster spots become much tighter for young Russian players etc.

All this does is absolute cull the lower tiers of hockey infrastructure. Having the elite is all well and good, but hockey development won't work with just an elite and domestically shattered leagues.

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