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04-15-2012, 05:15 PM
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NHL (NA hockey in general) has lured europeans for decades and has not payed appropriate money for them. European domestic leagues dont have great players to create great league and make money. And these leagues dont have money for developing youth from NHL clubs. Does not NHL ruin european development programmes? I think it does. Yes, it is not only NHL as a factor, but NHL does not help Europe to improve domestic leagues(programmes).
You blame KHL for ruining domestic leagues? We will see what happens to slovak league if Slovan joins KHL. I dont think it will have negative influence. Kids, juniors will have motivation to make Slovanīs roster.
MHL, created by KHL and FHR, will consist of czech club from Karlovy Vary. Do you know a reason? Club wants to give its youth a chance to play better league at home instead of leaving country. We all know how many players failed in CHL if they left too young. Is it bad to have czech MHL team for czech development system? If it is not, kids will leave for CHL, Sweden. If it is, kids will play for Energie and be at home (it is great for their mental development). There is no a risk of failing due to social, psychological etc adaptation to new culture.
MHL has an idea of Junior Club World Cup. It is a great challenge for slovak, czech jr champion. MHL wants to improve europeans jr leagues by cooperation, by playing international games among clubs. Is it bad for Europe?
You know, Europe has many domestic leagues, every country has own vision of development and policy to NA. Adventage of NHL, CHL is that it can lure players, it is easy to get them. Why? Because Europe is not united, strong enough. KHL wants to unite Europe, we need it.

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