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04-15-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Barys Astana ruined Kazakhstani hockey development.
Funny you should say so while this year you have the best Kazakh U18 NT in the past few years and your own domestic league now is a legitimate competition and is getting stronger and stronger every year.

The only country that could claim that it's hockey development was somehow ''destroyed'' could be Latvia as before Dinamo Riga we had 4 professional teams in our own local league, Riga 2000, Liepajas Metalurgs, Ogre ASK and DHK Latgale... and even in this case the collapse of the domestic league while partially initiated by Dinamo Riga who at that time wanted it's farm club (at that time) Riga 2000 play in Belarus league so other clubs also went to Belarus, wasn't caused by Dinamo but mainly cause of recession. Metalurgs is still there, Ogre lost money because the Ministry of Defense had to cut spending for sports and didn't give anything more to Ogre, Latgale is still there, though playing low level hockey and Riga 2000 successor is HK Riga in MHL.

And really the development wasn't destroyed, only 3 professional clubs. The hockey schools at these towns are still producing players, even better players than before. I'd say we'd need at least another 1 or 2 professional clubs in Latvia for all our talents to be able to develop at home after the age of 21-22 and this should be solved but other than that I don't see that the system as such was destroyed.

I don't see how 1 or 2 KHL clubs in Czech Republic can destroy a whole league. It's not the case as with Latvia where we only had 4 professional teams, in those countries there's a number of clubs and number of hockey schools. I don't see why Czech league or German DEL or whatever cannot serve as a sort of AHL of KHL, developing players. In fact, they're already doing it- even Elitserien, they're developing players for NHL and now also for KHL, every year many Swedes and Czechs try their luck at KHL.

So..... where's the problem. If you have a 17 year old prospect in Karlovi Vari, you rather want to see him go and play in CHL or stay at home and mature in similar level of competition? If you have a 23 year old top producer in Slavia would you rather see him going to play for Spartak Moscow or moving just a few blocks away to play for LEV in the same competion???

Barys in Kazakhstan in now way influenced badly the Kazakh league or other teams like Kazzinc in VHL. Dinamo Minsk in Belarus in no way influenced Belarus league, though the economic problems of today left some mark. But not Dinamo. Shouldn't forget that KHL was created in difficult times, when the recession just started and for a lot of problems a scapegoat for these money problems was found in KHL...

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