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04-15-2012, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
I don't see how 1 or 2 KHL clubs in Czech Republic can destroy a whole league. It's not the case as with Latvia where we only had 4 professional teams, in those countries there's a number of clubs and number of hockey schools. I don't see why Czech league or German DEL or whatever cannot serve as a sort of AHL of KHL, developing players. In fact, they're already doing it- even Elitserien, they're developing players for NHL and now also for KHL, every year many Swedes and Czechs try their luck at KHL.

So..... where's the problem. If you have a 17 year old prospect in Karlovi Vari, you rather want to see him go and play in CHL or stay at home and mature in similar level of competition? If you have a 23 year old top producer in Slavia would you rather see him going to play for Spartak Moscow or moving just a few blocks away to play for LEV in the same competion???
I agree with this, absolutelly.

Critics of KHL expansion to Slovakia and Czech rep say that sponsors of domestic leagues/clubs will not be interesting in spending money into league or will become LEVīs, Slovan sponsors. So less money for slovak, czech clubs. Really? HC LEVīs owner is CKD Group, a company which was not involved in czech hockey in past. Now, CKD gives some money to czech hockey federation. So, more money in czech hockey!!! Plus sponsors of czech league/clubs are not so wealthy to sponsor KHL club or are not interesting in expansion to russian market. Maybe there are another companies which will support HC LEV but are not involved in hockey sponsorship now. Energie K.Vary lured new companies to sponsor its MHL team.

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