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11-20-2003, 10:22 AM
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I really hope Ed Wade laughs Arizona off the phone if they insist on Hamels/Myers/Floyd. Those three should be untouchable. And to be honest, while I love Curt Schilling, I have no idea how Arizona got the idea it had any leverage to demand anything in this deal. They desperately have to cut salary, Schilling will only talk to two teams right now, and neither team has shown an overwhelming need to get him. They have zero leverage, and Ed Wade should use that the way Arizona used it against him once upon a time. Really, what did the Phillies get in return for him? Omar Daal (oh yay! :mad: ), Lee (another wonderful acquisition :mad: ), Nelson Figueroa, and Vicente Padilla, the only worthwhile player out of the whole group. And it's not like either of the first 2 were really good prospects. Lee was awful and everyone knew it (although the Phillies tried to turn him around), and Daal was average at best. So 2 average players, a good prospect and a decent prospect got them a Curt Schilling who was younger, not coming off an injury, and cheaper???

Personally, I'd wait this one out a bit. The Phils already made their big splash with Wagner (a tremendous deal...if they can find setup men for him). They can wait a while and see where the market's heading before they make any moves for a starter. And I'm not a big fan of that Marlins deal, either. The Phillies give up a lot to get schilling, and help a divisional rival out too much, IMHO.

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