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04-15-2012, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Couturier has a 70-80 point ceiling with selke caliber defense. Schenn has a 40+ goal scorer ceiling, captain material, 80 point player. Plus both play center and can move to wing.

See the thing is though, defense IS a need. Once Timonen is done, we will really see the effects of not trading or getting a young defender when we needed it.

I remember last season people were trying to trade Timonen saying they were comfortable with Carle, Coburn and Meszaros in our top 4 and leading the team on defense... Yea. Thats not going to work now or in the future.

I just think we have a need on defense compared to more forwards.
I don't see the defensive need.

Let's look at the goals this series:

G1 PIT1-0: Terrific play by Crosby. He was covered, just made a great play.
G1 PIT2-0: 2 on 1. Defensemen pinched, no one covered. Guess we can call this bad defense, he probably should not have pinched
G1 PIT3-0: Coburn thought it was icing, and then there was a crazy bounce over Bryz.

G2 PIT1-0: Crosby burned Carle. Bad D
G2 PIT2-0: Kunitz left unchecked in front of net. Bad D.
G2 PIT3-1: Simmonds was lazy backchecking. Not on the D at all.
G2 PIT4-3: Crazy PPG goal from Malkin off the faceoff. I guess that's on the D.
G2 PIT5-4: Weak goal from Bryz. D was in decent position, forced a backhand.

G3 PIT1-0: Weak goal from Bryz.
G3 PIT2-3: Neal makes Carle/Lilja look dumb.
G3 PIT3-4: Neal PPG. Great pass from Malkin. Box was in pretty decent shape, not blaming this on D.
G3 PIT4-5: Weak goal from Bryz.

So that's 12 goals. 5 are clearly bad D. 2 were stars making star plays. 3 were terrible from Bryz, and 1 was the crazy bounce in game 1.

I think this is a decent effort against the leagues top offense, especially while attacking enough to score 20.

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